Minibus Weights Explained

Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) and Carrying Capacity are two areas that our customers often ask us about. We have recognised that there is a massive misconception that the Ford Transit 17 Seater minibus is the best on the market for carrying capacity. The approximate payload of the Ford Transit 17 Seater is only 1,491kgs for 16 passengers and the driver. It is therefore very easy … Continue reading Minibus Weights Explained

Ford Transit School Minibus

Ford Transit School Minibuses you can drive on a car licence The Ford Transit hardly requires any introduction, but perhaps you might not know your school staff could be driving a brand new 15 seat Ford Transit school minibus without any costly and time consuming extra training. That’s because the Minibus World CanDrive Ford Transit is the only 15-seat Transit school minibus available in the … Continue reading Ford Transit School Minibus