Minibus leasing is ideal for schools, academies and colleges

Minibus World’s range of 15-17 seat CanDrive Light, Flexi, Maxi and 3-17 seat EasyOn minibuses is proving hugely popular with schools, academies and colleges all over the UK. It’s hardly surprising, because not only can school staff drive the entire CanDrive Minibus range with a car driving licence; Minibus World also offers very competitive school minibus leasing deals.

Contract hire is proving especially popular, not only because it’s available to all schools, including state schools and academies, but because it’s completely hassle-free. Choose from a three, four or five year term and all you have to add is fuel and insurance, with all maintenance taken care of. That includes your annual road tax, MOT, servicing and can also tyre cover and contributions towards tyre damage.

With a low upfront cost and fixed monthly payment, a contract hire minibus can not only improve a school’s cash flow and budget planning, but also ensure there’s no risk of being stung by heavy depreciation.

Which all means a Minibus World 3-17 seat Peugeot Boxer CanDrive Minibus with flexible seating and optional wheelchair accessibility could be more affordable than you ever thought possible.

St. Mary’s Primary School accepting delivery of their Peugeot Boxer CanDrive Light Minibus

Offering a wide range of products, Minibus World can also supply a non-D1 Ford Transit CanDrive EasyOn school minibus with 15 seats and wheelchair accessibility you can drive on a car licence.

Minibus World Ford Transit CanDrive EasyOn 15 Seat Minibus – Drive on a Car Licence

Alternatively the 17 seat Renault Master CanDrive Light and CanDrive Flexi models make it possible for staff to drive without a D1 driving licence.

17 Seat Renault Master CanDrive Light Minibus – Drive on a Car Licence

Call us on 01782 444 289 to discuss your perfect school minibus with our Education Team, or visit the Minibus World website.