Minibus World 17 Seat CanDrive Light Minibus Ideal for Local School

St Mary’s Primary School in Stoke on Trent joins the growing number of local schools that have recently purchased our CanDrive Light Minibus.

With 17 seats and weighing in at under 3.5 ton staff at the school can drive the minibus on their standard car licence.

Mike Davies of Minibus World delivered the minibus personally to the staff at St Mary’s who were excited to see the minibus pull on to the car park. The school had requested sign writing, seats and seat belts in their school colours to promote their brand identity whilst on school trips.









The CanDrive range of minibuses have been specifically designed to allow drivers operating within the Educational or Voluntary sector who hold an ordinary car licence to drive the minibus without the need for a D1 driving licence.

It is light on fuel, light on the environment and light on your pocket.

For more information please call our Education Team on 01782 444289 or visit our School Minibus or CanDrive webpage.